Complex by Raginspoon - A Review

Although GI Joe products are pretty much on hiatus for the time being, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any new products coming our way that would fit that 1:18 scale that we have come to know and love. There are other companies that still work in that scale, as well as a lot of individuals who have stepped in with offerings for the customizers out there.

While we may have a lot of figures, accessories, and a few vehicles, there has been one thing that has been overlooked by many out there – the playset. Sure, there are some molds that pop up from time to time and get reused, but it has been a while since there has been something new for collectors to drool over.

Enter Complex by Raginspoon.  

Raginspoon saw a lack of playsets and decided to do something about it by created a modular base building set. First off, let me say that this is a great product! I purchased the Builder’s Set (in urban color) from Small Joes and was pleasantly surprised. It photographs well and since it is modular you can pretty much make it what you want it to be. Let’s do a quick list of pros, cons, and a wish list for future waves.

Pros: Lots of pros… probably many I’m overlooking

1.      This is some sturdy plastic – it definitely does not feel cheaply made.
2.      You can buy individual or bulk – this allows collectors to mold the playset to their need or wants at the time.
3.      Complex mixes well with any 1:18 scale line. Vintage GI Joe, modern GI Joe, Corps, World Peacekeepers – if you have it in that scale, you can make it work.
4.      Blends well with existing accessories from other lines. I mean, you’ve gotta fill the base up, you can’t just leave it empty!
5.      Almost an endless array of ways to arrange your base.
6.      Upcoming waves will add more accessories to help individualize your base even further.

Cons: While I do love this product, there are some cons.

1.      Out of the box, the fit (at least on my set) can be tight – VERY tight. I was worried I would snap pieces, but that has not happened yet and I have taken them apart and put them back together a few times. Each time the pieces went together easier, but still held firm.
2.      There is a learning curve to putting a base together. This is not like Lego – you can’t just plug and play. The connector tracks keep a tight fit, but the first time you make it through and realize you wanted a different connector like 6 pieces ago can get frustrating.
3.      It can be spendy to start. This isn’t a mass produced item made for retail stores, so the cost is going to be a little higher. I will say, though that you can buy as many as you want or as little as you want and add over time. I plan on getting a floor pack or 2 in the opposite color to see how the sets blend.
4.      There is only one place to get them. That’s not a knock on Small Joes, it’s just the facts. I love the service I have gotten from them and the shipment was right on-time. That being said, your selections of store is quite limited if you want to jump in.

Wish List: Raginspoon has said they are working on wave 2 and they have shown off a catwalk – I definitely want one or two, but I have a few more items I would love to see down the line if possible. Along with weapons/weapon racks, other things I would like to see are

1.      Alternate doors/windows for door segments
2.      Computers/monitors that can fit into tiny connection holes on walls
3.      Connector packs
4.      Small plugs to fill in the holes between connectors
5.      Stairs/ladders
6.      Pillars – maybe round bases that could insert into the 4 mini holes per floor. A pack could have 4 pillars and 8 bases?
7.      Maybe tire ramps to attach to the edge
With all that being said, I highly recommend this product if you are a 1:18 scale fan and are looking for awesome ways to display/photograph your action figures. Go on over to and check out what they have.

But, enough about all that - how about some pictures?!

Small Joes does a great job with the packaging

Cobra Commander showing off the Wall and Door packs

The construction process 

A few pics with some accessories

A vintage MOBAT fits nicely on two of the floor tiles.

How about a modern Transformer? Topspin can give you an idea about how these fit might fit other lines depending on your needs.


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